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A doodle guide to shelter-in-place

Some (tech-free) things to do while you're hanging out at home! (Apologies; I stopped doodling about halfway through.)

  1. Read a book, or maybe two, or three.
  2. Bake cookies.
  3. Wait, you’re almost out of flour; maybe half the recipe?
  4. Do a puzzle.
  5. Take your inevitable break from said puzzle once you’ve finished the borders (and cluttered up your coffee table).
  6. Exercise.
  7. Or, you know, salute the sun and call it a day.
  8. Hydrate!
  9. But not too much, or you'll run out of toilet paper.
  10. Question why no one wanted to stock up on wheel-shaped pasta while panic-shopping. Seriously! Wheels deserve love just as much as bow-ties, or those funny trumpet-shaped ones.
  11. Snail mail! Make cards for and/or write letters to friends and family. Mail them when all this is over.
  12. Write a letter to yourself and seal it in an envelope. Open it in one year.
  13. Contemplate what chocolate cake would taste like if humans went extinct and aliens tried to bake using our recipe books. What sort of cup is a cup, anyway? And what about tablespoons and teaspoons?
  14. Teach yourself that thing you’ve been meaning to teach yourself (like, how to solve a Rubik's cube, or how to play the ukulele).
  15. Or, if that feels like a lot of effort: do that thing you’ve been meaning to do (like, finding a picture for that picture frame, or cleaning the stove).
  16. Sort through old clothes (or at least re-fold the stuff in your closet).
  17. Emergency dance party!
  18. Keep track of your shelter-in-place days using an interesting measurement, like number of coffee cups consumed or boxes of mac ‘n cheese emptied. (But please, use better tally marks than Rey in Episode VII.)
  19. Sing in the shower (or to your neighbors, if you’re in an apartment).
  20. Do a logic grid puzzle (or make up your own!). If Alice only eats stringy pasta, Bob hates bow-ties and alfredo sauce, Eve has a tomato allergy and COVID-19, etc., who ate what dish with what pasta for dinner?
  21. Think about what would happen if the wizarding world faced a magical pandemic. Isn’t St. Mungo’s their only hospital? Which Hogwarts house would catch it first?
  22. Draw a maze that takes at least one minute to solve (which that circular one in Inception did not).
  23. Play board games! If you’re cooped up alone, make your moves via USPS (like they did for Diplomacy).
  24. Try cartography: map out your shelter-in-place space, your town, or a place of your own imagination. (Bonus points if you write a hitchhiker’s guide to go along with it.)
  25. Get out a dictionary and pick a new favorite word.
  26. Doodle!

April 2020